Review: Kevin Federline’s ‘Overhyped’ Acting Debut

Kevin Federline’s dramatic television debut CSI: Crime Scene Investigation October 12th was over-the-top. Maybe that’s not surprising – there’s always an element of the hard sell that distracts us from the fact that she’s Mr. Britney Spears – but it was still a letdown, a waste of anticipation. I mean, I spent the day leading up to the show in a sort of blissful daydream, wondering if Federline, who plays a young thug named Cole Tritt, would have the guts, talent, and firepower for Jack Nicholson. gone. he went? The boy didn’t even come to the end. These were his only lines of dialogue (minus one that would be a spoiler for K-Fed fans who recorded the show):

Scene One, Mocking the Detectives:
“Haven’t you chickens caught them cats yet?”
“Man, you’re weak, weak, weak, weak.”
“You’re a joke.”
“Anyone catch this on video? Man, I’ll take the picture myself.’

Scene two, still taunting the detectives:
“That little piggy went home wee-wee-wee,” followed by a nasty pig snort.

My main impression was that 1) Federline looks like Billy Crudup, only uglier and taller, and b) he doesn’t have a very natural presence – the camera doesn’t really pick him up. But, to be fair, the role was no more than a carpet fiber, and TV cameras don’t pick up carpet fibers.

Will he consider the next round? dancing with the stars?

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