French newspaper Charlie Hebdo will publish its next issue as planned after the murder

Charlie Hebdo In a defiant escalation on Thursday, survivors of the massacre announced that the newspaper would publish as usual next week “because you cannot let them win”.

In an emotional interview with BFM-TV, author Patrick Pelou said that the paper will be published next week as scheduled, “because Charb, Kabou, Bernard Maris, Honorable Elsa, Tinius, Mustafa, the guard who was responsible for our security cannot. He died for nothing.”

Pelu, 51, an emergency physician, spoke through tears Charlie Hebdo The columnist was one of the first to arrive at the newspaper’s offices after the shooting and tried to revive several victims. He called the scene “a true massacre.”

In an extraordinary and symbolic move, the newspaper will have one million copies. A special comeback issue of the satirical magazine was sponsored by several French newspapers and publishers.

According to the French newspaper, Google also committed 250,000 euros for underwriting Le Figaro.

On Thursday afternoon, a meeting was held at the Ministry of Culture to determine the plan for the continuation and temporary support of the newspapers.

Whenever Charlie HebdoIn November 2011, its offices were bombed, with the newspaper housed in the offices of a rival daily. Liberationfor two months.

French TV offices, Le Monde And Radio France offered the surviving staff “every means at their disposal” to keep the paper going.

The hunt for two of the three suspects believed to have carried out the attacks is still ongoing. One of the suspects, 18-year-old Hamid Murad, surrendered to the police on Wednesday night.

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Brothers Sherif and Said Kouachi, 34 and 32 respectively, are still on the run.

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