Perm Polytechnic University found another source of electricity to heat sidewalks.

Solar panels are often used to heat footpaths, but in some regions of the country the sun is not constant, so a backup option is needed to obtain electricity in cloudy or cloudy weather. Students from Perm Polytechnic University suggested using a wind generator as an additional electricity source for sidewalk heating. The technology also makes it possible to power a light tower, a traffic light and a digital display.

At present, wind turbines are not much sought after and popular because of their scale, but few people know that wind turbines come in different shapes and types. In cramped conditions, orthogonal wells are the best option because they have a design that does not require special elevators to accommodate maintenance personnel. Efficiency is not affected by the speed, angle or direction of the wind flow, significantly reducing maintenance costs. To prove the efficiency of the wind turbine, they were installed on the roof of PNRPU’s education building.

With the help of photovoltaic panels, solar radiation is converted into direct current, also with a wind generator. Thanks to the cable, they are connected to the charge controller of the battery, which regulates the level and also acts as a fuse. The next in the chain is the battery, which acts as a reserve for supplying energy in unforeseen situations. The inverter closes the circuit – a device that converts the DC voltage of the batteries into an AC voltage to increase the current– said Daria Rogulina, a master’s student at the Department of Construction and Materials Science.

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Combined heating system for footpaths. Photo: PNRPU.

Such a design can generate excess energy, which must be efficiently directed to power active consumers. This can be lighting poles, traffic lights, digital displays.

Since there is a large wind potential in winter, and in summer, on clear days, the maximum effect can be achieved with solar panels, the combination of these means is most beneficial for customers.– said Ksenia Panina, a master’s student in the Department of Roads and Bridges.

The technology answers the questions of import substitution, as wind turbines can be assembled from parts and materials from domestic production.

Study In the magazine published in the journal “Chemistry. Ecology. Urbanism” 2022.

Source: PNRPU.

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