Tesla unveiled functional prototypes of its planned humanoid robot.

In August last year, Elon Musk announced that: Tesla working on bipedal humanoid robot, which can perform boring and/or dangerous tasks for people. His company has unveiled two prototypes, one of which can already run on its own. A big show took place in the office Tesla in Palo Alto, California on September 30 as part of the presentation Tesla AI Day.

After Musk’s entry, called a “rough development” prototype Bumble C walked slowly up the stage, waved to the audience, then left again. This was reportedly the first time the robot had walked completely on its own, without any suspension cables.

Bumble C walked across the stage without the aid of a chain, which was reportedly a first for this robot. Photo: Tesla.

A video presentation then showed some practical applications of the robot. Supported by a rope on the frames, Bumble C picked up the box and carried it, took a watering can and watered a few plants, then lifted the steel bar and rearranged it. In all cases, the onboard object recognition system was able to visually identify target objects.

Musk then announced a slimmer and more streamlined prototype called Optimus, which is reportedly much closer to the planned production model. Unable to walk yet, he had to be pushed outside by a group of technicians, after which he demonstrated some movements of his arms, hands and legs.

The Optimus prototype gets the job done with a little help from his friends. Photo: Tesla.

While both robots currently use “semi-standard” drives, Musk has stated that the final version will come with custom-built ones by the company. Tesla special drives, batteries and control systems. He is also supposed to be able to move all of his fingers independently (including the opposite thumb). As with existing prototypes, it will use a modified version of AI-based autopilot technology already used in cars. Tesla.

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Musk said the company’s ultimate goal is to develop a fully autonomous robot that can be easily produced in large quantities, potentially keeping the price below $20,000.

You can see the robots in action in the video below, starting at the 4:55 PM timestamp.

Tesla AI day 2022.

Source: Tesla

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