9 ways to save money on your grocery bill

December 16, 2021, 5:51 p.mUpdated 4m ago

Author: Sandrina Rodriguez, Senior Digital Producer

You’ve probably noticed your grocery bill going up.

If you are trying to save – here are some useful tips:

1. Compare prices

Go through your local grocery store circulars to find coupons and deals on the things you need. You can also find what’s on sale in the stores app or website. Many times – if you sign up for the app, you’ll get coupons right in the app.

2. Coupon Applications

Find coupon apps to help you save money on groceries. Some apps will let you get cash back on purchases you’ve already made by entering your receipts after you’ve returned from shopping. Here is a list of some great apps.

3. Save on non-perishable items

Try to get perishables when they’re on sale – that way you can save and not be scrambling for a bargain when you need an item.

4. Switch brands or go generic

Sometimes switching brands or adopting a generic name for a food product can save you a few bucks – which add up in the long run.

5. Buy in bulk

If you have a membership to a warehouse store – this tip is for you! By buying in bulk from stores like Costco and BJ’s Wholesale Club, you can save some money. If you don’t have a membership – try Amazon, Boxed or Jet. Only buy bulk items you know you’ll use and check expiration dates to make sure you can use it before it expires.

6. Shop in season

Try to get your produce in season – it will be cheaper because there is more of it.

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7. Plan your meals and budget

Before you run to the grocery store – check your pantry and plan your weekly meals accordingly! This will also help prevent food wastage. And have a clear budget for what you want to buy.

8. Don’t go for convenience

Yes – getting pre-washed lettuce or shredded cheese is more convenient, but usually more expensive. Other items include dried beans instead of canned.

9. Don’t shop when you’re hungry

You’ve heard that before, right? But this is the truth! A recent study found that shopping when you’re hungry not only makes you want to buy food, but it also leads to expensive shopping sprees. Read the research article here.

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