Alabama Democrats elect new party chair

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – The Alabama Democratic Party has a new leader. Rev. Randy Kelley, of Huntsville, was elected to lead the party and is the second chair in only three years.

Democrats from across the state gathered in Birmingham Saturday for their yearly organizational meeting – a time for the party to grow internally so they can grow across the state.

“I just want to come to be here so I can make a difference,” said Rev. Charles A. Dale, a member of the party.

“Until we get Democrats elected statewide, we are always going to be on the mend,” said outgoing party chair Rep. Chris England.

The party elected a new leader to replace England, who did not seek reelection.

But the day brought tension as members, frustrated from the long process, debated how voting would work.

“Your grace and your mercy, just for a little while longer, I promise you just a little while longer,” said England.

With a majority vote, Kelley will now lead the party and he says he has something his opponents didn’t.

“I have proven leadership,” said Kelley. I’ve risen up to the ranks in the Democratic Party.”

Kelly plans to bring more diversity to the party by bringing more white members and members of other backgrounds.

“We can’t divide this democratic party; we’ve got to be diversified,” he said.

Kelley will serve alongside the elected vice chair, Tabitha Isner. Isner lost the race for chair making her eligible for the title.

“I want to see a democratic party that is fighting for every last vote in this state,” said Isner.

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The pair will serve for four years.

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