Arkansas man arrested after being suspected of bank robberies by FBI

A Little Rock man wanted by the FBI has been arrested for allegedly being involved in several bank robberies in Illinois and Kentucky.

GARLAND COUNTY, Ark. — The Garland County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division received information on Friday morning regarding a suspect vehicle in Garland County that had allegedly been involved in various bank robberies in Kentucky and Illinois.

According to reports, patrol deputies were able to spot the vehicle shortly after 1:00 p.m. while driving on Cedar Creek Rd.

Deputies followed the vehicle onto New Ark Circle and were able to confirm it was the vehicle in the FBI alert. They then tried to stop the suspect who was driving the car but they drove away.

In a pursuit involving the Garland County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division, the Criminal Investigation Division, and the Arkansas State Police, they were able to successfully stop the vehicle by initiating a “high-risk traffic stop.”

Authorities later identified the driver as being 58-year-old John Earl Hall of Little Rock who allegedly has an active warrant from Indiana for unlawful possession of a firearm by a violent offender. 

Reports also stated that Hall was suspected by the FBI of a bank robbery in Illinois as well as one in Kentucky. 

Hall was taken into custody for questioning and will be charged with fleeing and for the warrant from Indiana. The FBI is preparing two warrants for bank robbery.

Hall is being held at the Garland County Detention Center on a $0.00 bond pending the extradition on his outstanding warrant. 

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