Attempted child abduction caught on camera

CINCINNATI (WLWT) – A stranger approached a 6-year-old girl in her own front yard Wednesday and tried to take her, according to police in Ohio.

Surveillance video shows the girl screaming for her parents.

She was throwing out garbage in front of her home when a man walking down the sidewalk approached her.

“He sees her, touches her and then starts to walk away,” the girl’s mother said. “He goes back, grabs her wrist, starts to pull her and she screams, and he lets go.”

At first, the child’s parents who were just steps away inside their home didn’t know what happened.

Their daughter came inside and told her parents that a man tried to kidnap her. The girl’s dad decided to chase after the man with his car.

“He tried to dip in and out of alleys and through people’s yards to try to get away from me,” he said. “But the only thing that kept running through my mind is that I can’t let him do this to another kid.”

Surveillance video from Terry’s Automotive shows the man trying to hide in between cars at an automotive dealer.

“I went around the other side to see where he was, and I found him sitting inside an old Dodge caravan,” the girl’s dad said.

Hamilton police said they found the man identified as Deric McPherson, 33, and charged him with abduction and gross sexual imposition.

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