Capitol Records signs first AI virtual rapper FN Meka

(CNN) – A robot rapper that has over 10 million followers on TikTok has signed with Capitol Records.

FN Meka is the world’s first augmented reality – or “AR” – artist to sign with a major label. He has over one billion views on TikTok as the platform’s top “virtual being.”

His debut single “Florida Water” was released this week. The song is a collaboration between billboard chart-topper Gunna – who’s currently facing charges in a RICO case alongside Atlanta rapper Young Thug – and professional Fortnite player Clix.

While technically FN Meka is voiced by a human, everything else about his music is based in A.I.

Capitol Records said the project is a mix of music, technology and gaming culture.

The label said the signing is part of the evolution of the music giant’s 80-year history, calling it “a preview of what’s to come.”

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