Death row inmate gets fourth stay of execution, finds love

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) – A man on death row in Oklahoma has more than 60 state lawmakers advocating for his release.

Richard Glossip said the support of his wife, Lea Glossip, is what he cherishes most.

“What we’re facing is absolutely terrifying. And, on the other hand, we also have so much hope,” Lea Glossip said.

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt stayed Richard Glossip’s execution last week. State Rep. Kevin McDugle said the efforts to acquit him have been ongoing.

“We have been fighting for three years to try and get Richard out, to try and get somebody to listen, to try and catch somebody’s ear,” McDugle said.

Lea Glossip tied the knot with her husband six months ago. As a law student, she said she spent far longer researching his case.

“He was a young man running a motel, and he didn’t have the best element of people that were staying in this hotel,” she said. “A murder happened there. The maintenance man, a 19-year-old, meth-addicted maintenance man, committed the murder. That’s not disputed; he confessed to it.”

“The defense attorneys never called one witness,” McDugle said. “Not one witness. The investigators spent 10 days investigating this case.”

And now, after four last meals, Richard Glossip’s fifth execution date is Dec. 8.

“Despite these insane circumstances that we find ourselves in, we do all the things that married couples do together. We just have to be a little more creative about it,” Lea Glossip said. “We have dinner together every night over the phone. We worship here at Boston Avenue (Church) every Sunday together.”

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Lea Glossip said she knows it’s hard to think of people on death row, regardless of their innocence, as human.

“The most important thing to me, I think, is that he’s more than a case. He is a son, he’s a father, he’s a brother, and he’s my husband,” she said. “And as my husband, he’s my entire world. He’s the love of my life and my best friend.”

Richard Glossip’s pastor said the congregation has been advocating for him. He said the church might fight for other death row inmates in the future.

Richard Glossip said he has endured a lot over the last seven years, including four execution dates. However, he said the support has made it easier.

“I’ve had the chance to witness some true miracles, but the most incredible miracle of all is my wife, Lea,” he said. “She has been by my side through it all.”

He was accused and convicted of a murder-for-hire plot against his boss at the motel, Barry Van Treese. Justin Sneed, the maintenance worker, pleaded guilty to the killing and received a life sentence in return for testifying against Glossip.

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