Ezra Miller Begins Treatment for ‘Complex Mental Health Issues’ and Apologizes for Past Behavior

Ezra Miller is seeking treatment after experiencing an “intense crisis.”

Following a series of legal bouts stretching back to 2020, “The Flash” star has announced they have recently begun treatment for issues related their mental health and has also issued an apology.

“Having recently gone through a time of intense crisis, I now understand that I am suffering complex mental health issues and have begun ongoing treatment,” Miller told E! News in a statement on Aug. 15. “I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior. I am committed to doing the necessary work to get back to a healthy, safe and productive stage in my life.”

The 29-year-old’s statement comes almost four months after the star was arrested for second-degree assault after an alleged incident in Hawaii.

According to the Hawaii Police Department, Miller allegedly became upset after being asked to leave at a private residence in a subdivision in Puna and threw a chair, “striking a 26-year-old female on the forehead.” The actor was subsequently arrested during a traffic stop for the incident, and was released “pending further investigation.”

“The Flash” Actor Ezra Miller Arrested in Hawaii for the Second Time Since March

The April incident in Hawaii also came just three weeks after their first arrest on the island.

In late March, the “Fantastic Beasts” star was arrested after being charged with disorderly conduct and harassment. Per police, the actor allegedly became “agitated” when other people started singing karaoke at the bar. Miller was subsequently arrested on both offenses but was later released after posting $500 bail.

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In April 2020, Miller was seen allegedly grabbing a woman by the neck in Reykjavik, Iceland, in a video that surfaced online. According to video footage, Miller yelled at the woman as she moved her arms and walked toward them. The actor then appeared to grab her neck and push her up against an object behind her before other people intervened. Miller has not addressed this incident publicly.

According to NBC News, no one was arrested or taken into custody in connection with the alleged incident.

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