Farmers deal with theft after difficult summer season

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) – With theft and hotter temperatures plaguing many northeast Arkansas farmers, it’s been a difficult summer.

A social media post on the evening of Monday, Aug. 16, shared that a truck had been stolen in Lawrence County.

In Craighead County, reports of theft on farm property are also being investigated.

Patrol Captain Jason Allen with the sheriff’s office says in the past year, it’s been a real issue.

“We’ve had increased farm thefts over the past year or so. Ranging from anywhere from four-wheelers to skid steers to vehicles, it’s beginning to be a multi-million-dollar theft ring.”

Captain Allen told Region 8 News that the sheriff’s office has been putting more focus on these types of thefts.

“The sheriff’s office is trying to work overtime, do extra patrols in the areas of farm shops, we’re just trying to be diligent,” said Allen. “People out in the county, especially late at night, we’re asking people that they would be mindful of seeing something out of the ordinary, to give the sheriff’s office a call.”

With the increase in stealing, he says the agency is getting smarter by the day, learning how to track down those who choose to break the law.

“We’ve been utilizing new technology that will hopefully help us capture these guys who are stealing from these farm shops,” said Allen.

Farmers have had their fair share of bad luck, and the sheriff’s office is ready to help in whatever way they can.

“The farmers have been hit hard this summer by the drought. We sure don’t want them to have to worry about their property being stolen,” said Allen.

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Captain Allen emphasized if the community sees something, they need to say something.

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