Frequently broken law police are watching drivers closely for

THAYER, Mo. (KAIT) – As the next holiday weekend approaches, area law enforcement agencies are urging the use of seatbelts and keeping your eyes on the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 51% of passenger vehicle occupants killed in 2020 were unrestrained.

NHTSA also reported that 3,142 people lost their life due to distracted driving in 2020.

As the Labor Day holiday weekend approaches, law enforcement says they are watching and stand ready to remind people of a few simple rules.

In Thayer, the police department is ready to do just that.

Assistant Police Chief Luke Martin says his force doesn’t pull people over to be mean but to protect them from themselves.

“Buckle up, phone down. We just want to make sure everyone is driving safely and paying attention to what they’re doing on the roadway,” said Martin.

Martin has multiple years under his belt and has seen many things during his career.

He says he’s responded to accidents that could have had different outcomes had someone had worn their seat belt.

“I’ve been to accidents over the years to where people were alive because they were wearing their seatbelts and saw some that had they have had their seatbelts on, it could have saved their lives,” said Martin.

For those that be tempted to ignore the message, Martin says the seatbelt is something that could quite literally save their life, and it only takes a matter of seconds to put one on.

“You never know,” said Martin. “If that vehicle gets to rolling, if you have an accident, you don’t have your seatbelt on, you could get sucked out of that vehicle, and then, of course, if the fall doesn’t kill you, the vehicle crushing you can, so we always encourage people to wear their seatbelts.”

Martin said his crews will be in full force, watching for those that choose to break the law.

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