Little League World Series: Age Limits, Roster Size and TV Schedule

Little League World Series: Age limits, roster size and TV schedule originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

It’s almost time for the most wholesome, yet competitive sporting event of the year: the Little League World Series.

Twenty teams from across the world – 10 from the U.S. and 10 international – will convene in Williamsport, Pa. this August for the annual tournament.

While you’re watching these kids play, plenty of questions will arise. How old are they all? How many players are on each team? Well, we’re here to answer that and more.

Here’s a guide to some regulations for the 2022 Little Little World Series, plus the full TV schedule:

How old are Little League World Series players?

All players in the 2022 Little League World Series must be no older than 12 and no younger than 10.

The birthday cutoff is Aug. 31, so all players in the 2022 LLWS must be born between Aug. 31, 2009 and Aug. 31, 2011.

How many players are on a Little League World Series roster?

Rosters for the LLWS are limited to 12 to 15 players, according to Little League University.

What teams are in the 2022 Little League World Series?

There are 10 American teams and 10 international teams participating in the 2022 LLWS.

Here are the United States squads:

  • Great Lakes Region: Hagerstown, Ind.
  • Metro Region: Massapequa, N.Y.
  • Mid-Atlantic Region: Hollidaysburg, Pa.
  • Midwest Region: Davenport, Iowa
  • Mountain Region: Santa Clara, Utah
  • New England Region: Middleborough, Mass.
  • Northwest Region: Bonney Lake, Wash.
  • Southeast Region: Nolensville, Tenn.
  • Southwest Region: Pearland, Texas
  • West Region: Honolulu, Ha.
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Here are the international teams:

  • Asia Pacific and Middle East Region: Taipei, Chinese Taipei
  • Australia Region: Brisbane, Queensland
  • Canada Region: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Caribbean Region: Willemstad, Curaçao
  • Europe and Africa Region: Bologna, Italy
  • Japan Region: Takarazuka, Japan
  • Latin America Region: Managua, Nicaragua
  • Mexico Region: Matamoros, Tamaulipas
  • Panama Region: Aguadulce, Coclé
  • Puerto Rico Region: Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

2022 Little League World Series TV schedule

Every year, the LLWS is broken up into two brackets – one for the U.S. teams and one for the international teams. A random draw determined each bracket, which consists of a double-elimination knockout style. The winner of the brackets meets for the championship.

Here is the full daily schedule with TV information (all times are ET):

Wednesday, Aug. 17

Game 1: Latin America vs. Caribbean, 1 p.m., ESPN

Game 2: Southeast vs. New England, 3 p.m., ESPN

Game 3: Australia vs. Canada, 5 p.m., ESPN

Game 4: West vs. Northwest, 7 p.m., ESPN

Thursday, Aug. 18

Game 5: Europe-Africa vs. Asia-Pacific, 1 p.m., ESPN

Game 6: Great Lakes vs. Midwest, 3 p.m., ESPN

Game 7: Puerto Rico vs. Mexico, 5 p.m., ESPN

Game 8: Mid-Atlantic vs. Southwest, 7 p.m., ESPN2

Friday, Aug. 19

Game 9: Game 1 winner vs. Panama, 1 p.m. ESPN

Game 10: Game 2 winner vs. Mountain, 3 p.m., ESPN

Game 11: Japan vs. Game 3 winner, 5 p.m., ESPN

Game 12: Metro vs. Game 4 winner, 7 p.m., ESPN

Saturday, Aug. 20

Game 13: Game 3 loser vs. Game 5 loser, 1 p.m. ABC

Game 14: Game 4 loser vs. Game 6 loser, 3 p.m., ABC

Game 15: Game 1 loser vs. Game 7 loser, 5 p.m., ESPN

Game 16: Game 2 loser vs. Game 8 loser, 7 p.m., ESPN

Sunday, Aug. 21

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Game 17: Game 9 loser vs. Game 13 winner, 9 a.m. ESPN

Game 18: Game 10 loser vs. Game 14 winner, 11 a.m., ESPN

Game 19: Game 15 winner vs. Game 11 loser, 1 p.m., ESPN

Game 20: Game 16 winner vs. Game 12 loser, 2 p.m., ABC

Monday, Aug. 22

Game 21: Game 5 winner vs. Game 9 winner, 1 p.m., ESPN

Game 22: Game 6 winner vs. Game 10 winner, 3 p.m., ESPN

Game 23: Game 11 winner vs. Game 7 winner, 5 p.m., ESPN

Game 24: Game 12 winner vs. Game 8 winner, 7 p.m., ESPN2

Tuesday, Aug. 23

Game 25: Game 21 loser vs. Game 19 winner, 1 p.m., ESPN

Game 26: Game 22 loser vs. Game 20 winner, 3 p.m., ESPN

Game 27: Game 17 winner vs. Game 23 loser, 5 p.m., ESPN

Game 28: Game 18 winner vs. Game 24 loser, 7 p.m., ESPN

Wednesday, Aug. 24

Game 29: Game 21 winner vs. Game 23 winner, 1 p.m. ESPN (international semifinal)

Game 30: Game 22 winner vs. Game 24 winner, 3 p.m., ESPN (U.S. semifinal)

Game 31: Game 27 winner vs. Game 25 winner, 5 p.m., ESPN

Game 32: Game 28 winner vs. Game 26 winner, 7 p.m., ESPN

Thursday, Aug. 25

Game 33: Game 29 loser vs. Game 31 winner, 3 p.m., ESPN (international semifinal)

Game 34: Game 30 loser vs. Game 32 winner, 7 p.m., ESPN (U.S. semifinal)

Saturday, Aug. 27

Game 35: Game 29 winner vs. Game 33 winner, 12:30 p.m., ABC (international final)

Game 36: Game 30 winner vs. Game 34 winner, 3:30 p.m., ABC (U.S. final)

Sunday, Aug. 28

Game 37: Game 35 loser vs. Game 36 loser, 10 a.m., ESPN (third-place game)

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Game 38: Game 35 winner vs. Game 36 winner, 3 p.m., ABC (LLWS final)

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