New MPS superintendent releases 100-day plan for school system

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – Montgomery Public Schools Superintendent Melvin J. Brown has released details of his plan for his first 100 days.

According to MPS, Brown’s 100-day Listen and Learn Tour is built upon four action points, Review, Identify, Strategize and Engage, or RISE, and there are six overarching goals for ensuring all students reach their full potential:

  • Goal 1: Every student will be academically successful and prepared for life, work and college.
  • Goal 2: MPS will partner with families and the community in the education of Montgomery’s youth.
  • Goal 3: MPS will recruit, develop, support and retain a staff that meets the needs of every student.
  • Goal 4: MPS will provide optimal and equitable learning environments.
  • Goal 5: MPS will promote efforts to enable students to be healthy and ready to learn.
  • Goal 6: MPS will be efficient, effective, and transparent in its business operations.

Under each goal, several action items are listed. As each of the action items is accomplished, MPS said checkmarks would be added to show the goal’s progress.

“You often hear people talk about what’s the best fit. And when you fit into something, that means you’ve given up some of yourself to fit into a certain paradigm, we want everybody to be able to be their authentic selves and to bring their best to the table so that everybody can benefit and everybody can be comfortable being who they are. When our kids are in those spaces and feel most comfortable, they’re going to perform much better, which obviously results in better test scores. That’s kind of the philosophy that we’d like to bring in,” said Brown.

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MPS will hold six town hall meetings to get community input on the 100-day plan:

  • Aug. 30- J.D. High School
  • Sept. 8- LAMP High School
  • Sept. 22- Park Crossing High School
  • Oct. 6- Carver High School
  • Oct. 20- Lanier High School
  • Oct. 27- Lee High School

The MPS Education Steering Committee has been created to help with the execution of the plan. The committee is comprised of school board members, school administration, district leaders and stakeholders.

To read more about the plan and the action items listed for each goal, visit this link.

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