Putin pledges to expand arms trade with Russian allies

MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed on Monday to expand military cooperation with the country’s allies, noting that Moscow is ready to offer them its most advanced weapons.

Speaking at the opening of an annual weapons show outside Moscow targeting foreign customers, Putin said Russia’s arms exports are playing an important role in developing a “multipolar word,” the term used by the Kremlin to describe its efforts to to compensate for what it sees as the US’s global dominance.

Putin praised the Russian military’s action in Ukraine, which has provoked massive Western sanctions, and thanked Moscow’s allies for their support.

“We really appreciate that we have many allies, partners and people who share our mindset on different continents,” he said.

Putin, whose invasion of Ukraine has been widely condemned as a violation of international law, said the leaders of Moscow’s allies “choose a sovereign, independent course of development and jointly solve the problems of global and regional security on the basis of international right. shared responsibility and mutual interests, thus helping to sustain the multipolar world.”

Putin did not name any country in particular, but noted that “Russia sincerely values ​​its historically strong, friendly and trusting relations with countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa.”

“We are ready to offer our allies and partners the most advanced types of weapons: from firearms, armor and artillery to combat aircraft and drones.” said the Russian leader.

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