Residents demand answers as police chief returns

HOXIE, Ark. (KAIT) – Residents in the city of Hoxie are outraged.

“I just think it is crooked,” Janet Sartin said.

After finding out Hoxie Police Chief Glen Smith is back patrolling the streets.

“It makes me feel weary and uncomfortable,” said resident Amy Ellis.

Smith was on paid leave after a police department gun was allegedly sold to a pawn store, according to city attorney Nancy Hall. 

Smith said the sale was an “accident,” but residents are unsure about that answer.

“Something that is confiscated and is locked up and has a number,” Ellis said. “How does the police chief accidentally sale it?”

Also, some are now uncertain about the integrity of the police department.

“I am not going to trust him to put my life in his hands, so why would they put him back in there? That’s not right,” said Sartin. “I’m not going to believe in the justice system when they are putting the same person back on the street that they are trying to get us for.”

One resident told Region 8 News she believes it was just a mix-up.

“I think the officer could have honestly made a mistake and mistaken one of his own guns for the police-issued weapon,” said Deborah Dominie.

Although Smith is back on duty, many residents said he should be fired.

“I feel like he needs to be terminated. If it is an error then there should be more people terminated,” said Ellis.

And off the streets of Hoxie.

“I think he should not be allowed to own a gun again. I think he should be a police officer ever again,” said Sartin.

According to the Arkansas State Police, a case is open in regard to an allegation that a shotgun purchased by the City of Hoxie was resold to a private vendor without authorization.

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