Rhode Island delivery driver finds naked man sleeping in back seat of vehicle

(CNN) – A donut delivery driver is startled after discovering an intoxicated naked man sleeping in the back seat of her vehicle.

While arriving for her shift to work, she discovered the nude man passed out in her back seat.

“I don’t know how to put it into words,” Amanda Kean said, owner of the vehicle. She added, “It really took a minute for my mind to like really understand what I was seeing.”

When she arrived for her shift late Sunday, she heard a noise coming from the back seat.

“All of a sudden I heard moaning, like a moaning noise, rolled down the window and I heard it again and I realized it was not coming from outside of my truck. It was coming from inside of my truck.”

She then realized the naked man lying on the floor of her SUV, under the car’s seats that were down.

The man went unnoticed during Kean’s entire trip to work, which included a stop for gas.

“Never anything I could have ever imagined that happening, things you see on TV. I felt like my privacy had been invaded,” Kean said.

Easton police believe the man entered the car in Providence, Rhode Island earlier in the evening.

Kean says it could’ve been while she was bringing in groceries and forgot to lock the vehicle.

“The 911 operator was like, ‘what?’ Even he was like flabbergasted,” Kean said.

Easton police identified the naked man as 21-year-old Jose Osorio of Providence.

Officers say Osorio was found extremely intoxicated, and later learned he consumed alcohol and marijuana earlier in the evening.

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Police say he was found with a pair of shorts around one leg and a shirt around one arm.

Fortunately, Kean wasn’t hurt and is happy it wasn’t more serious.

“I’m lucky that it wasn’t more than just a naked guy in my back seat. It made me a little more thankful for, you know, life because it could have been really bad,” Kean said.

Her naked passenger didn’t threaten or even speak to her during the incident.

When she yelled at him after discovering him in the back seat, he moaned in response, possibly suffering from a hangover.

Osorio was charged with breaking and entering a vehicle.

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