Sweden: 2 injured in shopping center shooting

STOCKHOLM — Swedish police say two people were injured in a shooting at a shopping center in the southern city of Malmö.

A suspect was arrested after Friday afternoon’s shooting at the Emporia mall, which police said was gang-related.

“Police are on the scene with great resources to map the incident by questioning witnesses and reviewing footage from surveillance cameras. The immediate danger to the public seems to have passed,” the Malmö police said.

Shootings by criminal gangs have become a growing problem in Sweden in recent decades, including in Malmö, the country’s third-largest city. Gang violence is one of the key campaign issues in the run-up to Sweden’s national elections on September 11.

Last month, a gunman opened fire at a shopping center across Oresund Street in the Danish capital, Copenhagen. Three people were killed and four injured. Police said the suspect in that shooting, a 22-year-old Dane, apparently picked his victims at random.

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