There is a kangaroo on the loose in Ohio

BREWSTER, Ohio (WOIO/Gray News) – Police say there is one kangaroo on the loose in Ohio, WOIO reported.

A person stopped at the police station Thursday morning claiming that they had spotted a kangaroo near Millersburg Road in Stark County, Ohio.

Warning: This story contains video with profanity that has been bleeped.

Officials say the department was shown a video that showed the kangaroo crossing State Route 93 Saturday morning around 2:00 a.m.

Police searched the area and say they found the kangaroo in the woods.

Chief Nathan Taylor says the department was not able to capture the animal because the officers were “unsure what to do.”

“Never in my 25 years have I run into this,” Taylor said.

On Sunday, authorities confirmed that they tracked down the kangaroo and have a specialist coming to the area to safely capture it.

Officials have not said how the kangaroo escaped or where it escaped from. No zoos have reported a missing kangaroo.

Police have requested people not attempt to approach or hunt the kangaroo. Anyone missing the animal has been asked to contact the police immediately.

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