Threat against federal law enforcement ‘imminent,’ official says

(Gray News) – Federal law enforcement officers are facing a “real” and “imminent” threat, a representative from an FBI organization said.

In an interview with CNN, Special Agent Brian O’Hare, head of the FBI Agents Association, urged the country’s political leaders to immediately and publicly denounce recent attacks on the agency.

“FBI Special Agents are dedicated members of the law enforcement community who put their lives on the line every day to protect the public from criminals and terrorists. Special Agents and their families should never be threatened with violence, including for doing their jobs,” he said recently in a statement.

Fencing was installed recently in front of the FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., amid a...
Fencing was installed recently in front of the FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., amid a rise in threats against the FBI.(Source: CNN)

“The threats made recently contribute to an atmosphere where some have, or will, accept violence against law enforcement as appropriate. It is not. This is not a partisan or political issue. It is a matter of public safety and basic decency.”

The FBI said they’ve been looking into an unprecedented number of threats to bureau personnel and property.

It’s more than just words. A man attacked the FBI office in Cincinnati on Thursday armed with a nail gun and a rifle, fled and then died in a gun battle with police.

The threats started after they searched the Florida resort of former President Donald Trump earlier this month.

O’Hare said the attacks are making it difficult for them to accomplish their mission of protecting the American people.

Lawmakers want more information about the classified documents. (MSNBC/DOJ/CNN/POOL/WPTV/CBS/GETTY IMAGES/FOX NEWS/AMERICA’S VOICE/REAL AMERICA’S VOICE)

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