Twitter brings podcasts to its platform in a new design

Twitter is expanding its platform to include podcasts, the tech company said in a pronunciation on Thursday.

From Thursday, Twitter will begin recording podcasts in its redesigned Spaces tab, an extension of its app that allows people to have live audio conversions, the company said.

According to a statement from Twitter, the latest addition has become available to “a group of global English-speaking audiences on iOS and Android.”

It is not yet clear when the tab will be fully rolled out.

The tech company said the new podcast extension will allow users to have conversations that exceed the 280-character limit and “bring people closer to the ideas, content and creators they know and love at the heart of Twitter.” regardless of where the conversations take place.” Place.”

According to Twitter’s statement, the new tab will introduce personalized “hubs” that group audio content based on genre, such as news, music, or sports.

With these hubs, users have easy access to a more personalized selection of live and recorded “Spaces” that discuss topics of interest to them.

PHOTO: The Twitter logo can be seen on a mobile phone.

The Twitter logo can be seen on a mobile phone.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

These hubs will link Spaces’ existing audio content to popular podcasts, according to Twitter.

According to their statement, internal Twitter research shows that 45% of people who use Twitter in the US also listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. With this new move, Twitter wants to easily suggest podcasts to users that they can listen to right in the app.

Vox Media has partnered with Twitter to showcase their podcasts on the new extension.

“Vox Media has a rich selection of popular podcasts across many categories, and we’re excited that Twitter is expanding its audio capabilities to help more listeners discover them,” said Ray Chao, general manager of audio at Vox Media, in Twitter’s statement. .

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The company’s new move comes just days after Twitter’s former head of security, Peiter Zatko, claimed in a federal whistleblower complaint last month that the social media giant had dropped numerous comprehensive information security systems, according to a copy of the complaint made public. was made on Tuesday.

In response, Twitter said Zatko was spreading a “false story about Twitter” and was fired for “ineffective leadership and poor performance.” The company also said Zatko’s public comments are “riddled with inconsistencies and inaccuracies and lack important context.”

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