Where Does Albert Pujols Fall Among MLB’s All-Time Home Run Leaders?

Where does Albert Pujols fall among MLB’s all-time home run leaders? originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

First baseman Albert Pujols is making history for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Pujols’ performance on Sunday, homering twice against the Milwaukee Brewers, is just an example of the heat the 42-year-old has been bringing to bat.

Pujols ranks fifth on the career homer list in MLB history and has had 10 homers and 30 RBIs in what he has said is his last season.

“I’ve been putting some good swings all year long,” Pujols said after the win on Sunday. “Sometimes, you’re going to get breaks. Sometimes you are not.”

With much of the season left, Pujols has plenty of time to make it into the 700-home run club. Here’s everything you need to know about some of the MLB’s greatest home run hitters:

* Stats courtesy of Baseball Reference


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How many career home runs does Albert Pujols have?

Albert Pujols has 689 home runs to date.

Pujols has the most home runs of all active players in the MLB and ranks fifth all-time in history.

How many home runs does Albert Pujols have this season?

Albert Pujols has had 10 home runs to date in the 2022 MLB season.

Which active MLB players have the most home runs in history?

Here is a list of active players who have the most home runs in MLB history:

1. Albert Pujols, 689

2. Miguel Cabrera, 506

3. Nelson Cruz, 457

4. Giancarlo Stanton, 371

5. Joey Votto, 342

6. Robinson Cano, 335

7. Mike Trout, 334

8. Eva Longoria, 326

9. Justin Upton, 325

10. Paul Goldschmidt, 308

Which inactive MLB players have the most home runs in history?

Here is a list of inactive players who have the most home runs in MLB history:

1. Bonds, 762

2. Henry Aaron, 755

3. Babe Ruth, 714

4. Alex Rodriguez, 696

5. Willie Mays, 669

6. Ken Griffey, 630

7. Jim Thome, 612

8. Sammy Sosa, 609

9. Frank Robinson, 586

10. Mark McGwire, 583

Who holds the record for most home runs in an MLB season?

In the 2001 season, Barry Bonds set the current single-season record of 73 home runs.

Before Bonds, Sammy Sosa (66) and Mark McGwire (70) held the home run records in a season in 1998.

In 1961, Roger Maris hit 61 home runs although it was later cited that the accomplishment was recorded during a long season of 162 games instead of 154, according to the book Still a Legend: The Story of Roger Maris.

The first single-season home run record was set four times by Babe Ruth at 29 (1919), 54 (1920), 59 (1921), and 60 (1927).

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