A Bridgeport mother focuses on the lack of affordable housing in the state

A homeless Bridgeport mother hopes her story will raise awareness about the lack of affordable housing in Connecticut.

Jennifer Martinez, 32, says she has been homeless for months. He now stays with a friend, but at one time lived in his car.

Martinez says she called 211 and went through the housing application process, but was unsuccessful.

“I’m hoping and praying for a home…a stable, safe home. That’s all I ask.” – says Martinez.

The single mom tells News 12 the stress of not having a permanent place to live has taken a toll on her and her daughters, who are two and four.

Her youngest daughter suffers from several behavioral problems, but Martinez has not been able to get a doctor to diagnose her with special needs or a disability.

Since her daughter’s diagnosis, Martinez says it may help her get into an apartment.

News 12’s Frank Recchia will have more on this story, including what’s being done to address the state’s housing crisis, starting at 6 p.m.

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