Honoring Vietnam War Veterans

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DELMARVA – As Delmarva observes today to honor those who fought in the Vietnam War, some local Vietnam War veterans are giving community members a better understanding of what the day means to those who served.

Between 1955 and 1975, 7 million Americans served in the military, three million in Vietnam. March 29 is recognized as National Vietnam War Veterans Day because it marks the day the last troops left Vietnam. One of them, originally from Salisbury, Sgt. Frank Bohlen.

The war was controversial at the time, Sgt. Bolen tells 47 ABC it means that for him and other veterans, the world will finally be recognized for their service to their country, an honor they haven’t felt in years. “We vets shouldn’t have to, we don’t care about all that stuff, but they recognize that we were out there protecting our country and doing what we had to do and that was our job.” Sergeant Bolen adds, “At least now people look at us and They tell us welcome home or ‘Nam’ you’re a vet and they show us a little respect and that’s about it, it wasn’t like that in 1969 when I came home.”

Now that Vietnam Veterans Day is more widely known, veterans like Sgt. Bohlen is speaking out to make sure that everyone who has served in any war is recognized and honored. “They stood on the wall guarding us when we slept or went to the mall and they’re just as important as a Dew vet, or an Iraq vet, or an Afghanistan vet, any of them, they’re all too important to let us go,” said Sgt. Bolen. “It didn’t matter where you went or what the job was, you did what you were supposed to do on that line and they asked you to go to Vietnam or Iraq or wherever you went and that was it. issues. I respect all of Iraq and Afghanistan, every one of these veterans, they are my heroes.

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On March 29, all veterans’ facilities will host ceremonies at 11 a.m. where the public is welcome to come and support veterans. Sgt Bollen will speak at the ceremony at Ocean View.

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