Nebraska’s death penalty repeal will be considered in the Legislature on Thursday

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – A measure was heard this week in the Nebraska Legislature that would abolish the death penalty. The death penalty was abolished by the Nebraska Legislature in 2015, a decision voters overturned in 2016.

Senator Terrell McKinney of Omaha has introduced a measure in Nebraska’s 108th legislative session that would ban the death penalty in the Nebraska Constitution. If the measure is approved by Nebraska lawmakers, it would go to voters in the 2024 general election. If approved by voters, the amendments would replace the death penalty with life imprisonment.

Senator McKinney said the death penalty has always been inhumane because “murder is murder.” The death penalty is also unfair, he said, because many people were wrongly convicted and sentenced to death who were later released. “If we want to move forward as a civilization, we have to get away from the revenge mentality of ‘an eye for an eye,'” McKinney said. Over time, it has proven to be ineffective in preventing murder, and ends only in what it seeks to prevent – death – and leads to an endless cycle of violence. Additionally, McKinney said, according to an online update from the Nebraska Legislature, life in prison gives an individual time to reflect on their actions and can lead to opportunities for rehabilitation.

No one testified in the opposition LR17CA And the Legislative Justice Committee did not take immediate action on this measure.

Nebraska state senators are off on Friday and Monday. Nebraska’s 108th legislative session resumes on Tuesday, the 47th day.

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