Olivet College player shot after game in Ohio

OLIVETT, Mich. – An Olivette College baseball player suffered a non-life-threatening gunshot wound Friday night after a game in Ohio.

The unnamed player was returning to the dugout to retrieve an item after the game and was involved in an incident with a man with a gun. The player was taken to the hospital, where he was treated and released to his parents.

The suspect is now in custody.

On Saturday, Olivet College Executive Director of Communications and Marketing Michelle McCauley released the following statement to FOX 17:

“Last night, an incident occurred after our game at Muskingum University (OH) when a team member returned to the dugout to retrieve a forgotten personal item. This was followed by an incident involving a firearm. , who we understand is now in custody. A student-athlete on the baseball team suffered life-threatening injuries, was treated at a local hospital and has now been released to his parents. The rest of the team is safe. , spent the night safely at their hotel and is now returning to Olivet. The games scheduled for Saturday and Sunday have been cancelled.

The college is in communication with the student-athletes and their parents and will continue to provide support in the coming days. This is a difficult time for everyone involved and our focus is on supporting student-athletes and staff. Please keep your fellow Comets in your thoughts and prayers.”

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