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David Fleming, Gretchen Fleming’s father, announces outside Parkersburg High School on Thursday that the reward for information on his daughter’s whereabouts is now $100,000. (Photo by Douglas Huxley)

PARKERSBURG – The reward for any information leading to her daughter’s whereabouts is now $100,000, the father of missing Parkersburg resident Gretchen Fleming said at a news conference Thursday on the front lawn of Parkersburg High School.

“Because of the sheer kindness of local business owners in this community, they are willing to donate another $35,000 toward the award.” David Fleming said. “This will increase the reward to $100,000. Anyone who has any information, knows anything, heard anything, please come forward.”

PHS Principal Kenny Demos said Thursday’s event was Gretchen’s homecoming.

“That’s what we’re here for” Demos said. “That’s what we want to do, that’s what we have to do.”

Fleming said the family will never stop looking for answers and that they will bring Gretchen home.

Gretchen Fleming

“We will seek justice for anyone involved in her disappearance to the full extent of the law.” Fleming said.

Fleming thanked everyone in the community for their love, support and prayers and asked them to let the police do their job in finding Gretchen.

“They have a reason for silence. I know the public wants answers and wants information, but they can’t release it because it’s an active investigation. “ Fleming said. “We have to let them do their thing until we get the answers we deserve.”

T-shirts designed by Gretchen’s sister Emma Fleming were available for purchase, with proceeds benefiting a reward for information leading to Gretchen’s whereabouts. Louise Fleming, Gretchen and Emma Fleming’s grandmother, read Emma’s letter about the shirt design.

He called me last night and said, Nana, I have to say something about the shirt I made. I need to let people know why I designed it the way I did. “ said Louise Fleming.

Louise Fleming, Gretchen Fleming’s grandmother, reads a letter Thursday from Gretchen’s sister, Emma Fleming, about the T-shirt designs she made. (Photo by Douglas Huxley)

Louise Fleming said Emma wrote that the idea for the shirt was to capture Gretchen as she really is. Emma said in the letter that she added the microphone and musical notes because Gretchen has a fabulous voice and loved to write and sing songs. Emma wrote that Gretchen could always be found with a book in hand and her signature Doc Marten shoes.

“So my idea was to take these things and put them all together.” Louise Fleming read it. “Because that’s what Gretchen brought when she walked into the room. He brought life. He brought passion, he brought joy, and he always knew how to make you smile. “

Louise Fleming read that Emma had written that many people see Gretchen as just a face on a poster, but that she is much more than many other people.

“To me she is my sister, my best friend, my inspiration.” Louise Fleming read it. “So when you think of Gretchen, I ask you to think of her as a real person, with friends and family, with endless goals and aspirations.”

Demos said the shirts will be available to order online using a QR code from the PHS website.

Gretchen Fleming

People with information about the case are urged to contact Detective Chief James Zimmerman at 304-424-1072 or the Parkersburg Police Department at 304-424-8444.

Douglas Huxley can be reached at

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