Hundreds gather at 38th and Chicago to honor George Floyd’s life

minneapolis — Hundreds of people have gathered where George Floyd was killed to pay their respects and experience the community that has developed around the site.

Several of Floyd’s relatives were there to represent their loved ones.

In the wake of Floyd’s murder, the Minneapolis Police Department has a new chief who, Attorney General Keith Ellison said this week, is from a department that has been able to transform itself for the better.

The symbolic move came Thursday morning when the Minneapolis City Council passed a resolution honoring police brutality.

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“Our goal is to really set the stage for Minneapolis so that this nation can end lynching in America. That’s why George Floyd Square is still standing as a sign of protest,” said Jeanelle Austin, executive director of the George Floyd Global Memorial.

Floyd’s family has also spent these years advocating for better policing.

“The eyes of the world were opened that day,” said Selwyn Jones, Floyd’s uncle. “Thank God for Darnella Fraser for having the strength to stand there and record this incident because without Darnella Fraser we would not be where we are today and the opportunity we have now.”

That tape helped convict the four officers involved in Floyd’s murder.

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Changes have been made to address policing problems in Minneapolis.

An agreement was signed with the state at the end of March. It tightens protocols for how officers use force and make arrests, and it also stops officers from pulling over cars for minor issues — like a broken taillight.

The Department of Justice continues to investigate the Minneapolis Police Department.

If he finds a law that violates the law, he can file a consent decree requiring additional changes.

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